Tнe name's Fιzza ∙ eιghteen ∙ Canadιan ∙ sagιttarιus ∙
∙ unινersιty student ∙
∙ Taken o1/19/13 ♥ ∙  lover(s)

Purple on my eyes

Anonymous asked: Has anyone told you you look exactly like Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr? Your like a combination of them both its crazy

Haha yes I have gotten that before but I honestly wish I could even resemble the slightest bit to them both because they’re absolutely beautiful! Thank you though 💋

Anonymous asked: ur the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen in my life. Where are u and how can i make u mine?

Oh gheez, thanks for making me blush! And home girl is just chilling up here in Canada.. Literally, it’s freezing here.