Tнe name's Fιzza ∙ eιghteen ∙ Canadιan ∙ sagιttarιus ∙
∙ unινersιty student ∙
∙ Taken o1/19/13 ♥ ∙  lover(s)

0sakaloopline said: I apologize, I'm sure you get sick of hearing stuff like this but I just have to say that your omg there are no words to adequately describe how beautiful you are. A rare and once in a lifetime beauty.

Oh gheez, I’m honestly really nothing, but thank youu

master-of-porn said: You are so fucken beautiful!!!

Lol interesting username.. Thanks :)

me--and--her said: Wow beautiful eyes n lovely lips :-)


shyguyandlittleone said: girl you are beyond gorgeous. wow. <3

Thank youu :$

waveyboyy said: Your boyfriend is one of the luckiest men to inhabit this earth. T_T

Oh gosh, you should tell him that >.>

Anonymous said: oh my god your simply stunning! *_*

Oh geez, thank you!